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Minor League Cricket:


The first season of Minor League Cricket, which serves as a development league for Major League Cricket, was played in 2021. Minor League T20 employs privately owned franchises, in contrast to Major League Cricket.

A professional T20 Minor League Cricket offers young athletes a chance to master their craft and leave their mark on the game. The competition offers young cricketers the chance to play at a competitive level, supporting the expansion of cricket across the United States. It is designed to develop and promote local talent.

By conducting the Minor Cricket League T20 championship, American cricket will reach new heights of excitement and rivalry. This national competition, often referred to as “Minor League Cricket,” had 26 teams from diverse regions and demonstrated the enormous talent and the potential that exist within the American cricketing ground.


What Happened In Minor League Cricket 2022?

Minor League Cricket had a successful run in 2022 before the 2023 season, which laid the foundation for the next year. In the first year, young players took advantage of the opportunity to showcase their skills on a national stage, and there was an astounding exhibition of cricketing expertise. The tremendous response from players and spectators alike paved the way for an even more spectacular event in 2023.

Minor league t20 tournament has a total of 26 teams competing as the championship reached its second year, highlighting its rising popularity and importance within the cricketing world. In order to balance the competition and assure regional representation, the teams were deliberately split into four geographical divisions.


Minor League Cricket Team

A varied range of national skills is on display in the list of teams competing in the Minor League Cricket Tournament 2023. The New York City Tigers, Silicon Valley Strikers, Florida Beamers, Chicago Catchers, and Los Angeles Stars, among other well-known teams, are a few of the top contenders. The competition is a mash-up of several cricketing cultures because each team brought its distinct flavor and playing style.

The four divisions are divided as follows:

  • Eastern Division Minor League Cricket Teams: It features teams from the eastern part of the country, giving rise to exciting interstate rivalries with teams like the Empire State Titans, Manhattan Yorkers, New England Eagles, New Jersey Somerset Cavaliers, New Jersey Stallions, and The Philadelphians.
  • Central Division Minor League Cricket Teams: Comprises teams from the American Midwest, the Central Division promises tough battles between rival groups. Top candidates included the Chicago Kingsmen, Chicago Tigers, Dallas Mustangs, Dallas Xforia Giants, Houston Hurricanes, Lone Star Athletics, Michigan Cricket Stars, and St. Louis Americans.
  • Western Division Minor League Cricket Teams: This division, which includes teams from the western states, including the East Bay Blazers, Golden State Grizzlies, San Diego Surf Riders, Seattle Thunderbolts, Silicon Valley Strikers, and Socal Lashings demonstrates the sport’s expanding prominence on the West Coast.
  • Southern Division Minor League Cricket Teams: It features teams from the southern region, and stokes the region’s competitive spirit with teams like the Atlanta Fire, Atlanta Lightning, Baltimore Royals, Ft. Lauderdale Lions, Morrisville Raptors, and Orlando Galaxy.

After the successful competition in 2022, Minor League Cricket 2023 is drawing spectators from all over the country and offering a captivating look into the future of American cricket. The championship’s success cemented its position as the nation’s largest and most significant T20 league, nurturing a healthy cricketing ecosystem and encouraging a new generation of players to pursue their aspirations of playing at the top level.


Where to watch Minor League Cricket 2023?

The following broadcasting stations will allow you to view the matches. Here is a list of the countries, followed by the sports channel.

  • Australia (FOX Sports)
  • United Kingdom (BT Sport)
  • West Indies (SportsMax)
  • New Zealand (Sky NZ)
  • South Africa (SuperSport)
  • Pakistan (A Sports)
  • India (Viacom18 Sports Network)
  • United States (Willow TV)



The Sports will be held at,

  • Central Broward Park, Lauderhill, Florida
  • Woodley Cricket Field, Los Angeles, California
  • Choice Moosa Stadium, Pearland
  • Church Street Park, Morrisville
  • American Cricket Academy & Club Park 1, St Louis
  • Morgan Hills Outdoor Sports Complex, Morgan Hill
  • Atlanta Cricket Fields, Georgia
  • Tollgate Farm Park, North Bend, Washington
  • Santa Clara Cricket Field, Santa Clara
  • Grand Prairie Cricket Stadium, Grand Prairie
  • Prairie View Cricket Complex 5, Prairie View, Texas



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