Match 63, Lucknow, May 16, 2023, 07:30 PM


Lucknow Super Giants beat Mumbai Indians by 5 runs

Best Batsmen
Best Bowler
Man of the Match
Marcus Stoinis
Right then, that's it from the coverage of this game. The India T20 League action continues on 17th May. In this match, Punjab will be locking horns Delhi. The first ball will be at 7.30 pm IST (2 pm GMT), but you can join us early for the build-up. Until then, take care and goodbye.
Marcus Stoinis wins the Player of the Match award for his scintillating unbeaten knock of 89 runs. He starts by saying that it is a great moment for Mohsin Khan, as he has been away from the tournament since the last year. Also, to come into match and bowl the final over is a great feeling. Feels that they bowled decently to keep them in the game. Lauds the spinners for pulling things back for them.
Krunal Pandya, the skipper of Lucknow, says that he was having cramps and pulled a muscle and adds that he has always been a team player. Mentions that he is really happy with the result. Shares that Mohsin has a big heart and is really happy for him. Adds that he did not play cricket for one year and to come in such a high-pressure tournament, the sky is the limit for him. Reckons that it has been easy for them at this venue but it feels really happy to end on a winning note.
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The man of the moment for Lucknow, Mohsin Khan is in for a chat. He says that the plan was to execute what he had done in practice and backed his strengths. Mentions that he did not shorten his run-up. Adds that he was trying to calm himself down and was not looking at the scoreboard. Shares that the plan was to bowl slower deliveries and change it up by bowling yorkers. Mentions that it was a tough time when he was injured and informs that his father got discharged from ICU yesterday. Adds that he played this match for him and he would have been watching. Ends by thanking Gautam Gambhir, Vijay Dahiya and the rest of the support staff for picking him for this game despite him not doing well in the last game.
Rohit Sharma, the skipper of Mumbai, says that they did not play well enough and adds that they were moments in the game they did not win. Mentions that it is unfortunate but need to keep our heads high. Reckons that they assessed the pitch well and feels that the score was chasable. Shares that they lost their way in the second half of the chase and adds that they conceded too many runs in the backend of the bowling effort. On Marcus Stoinis's innings, he says that he batted well and played according to his strengths. Ends by saying that he isn't sure about the playoff calculations and says that they will look to come out and play good cricket in the final game.
Earlier in the match, Lucknow were off to a horror start as they lost three wickets very early on but that did not really stop them to get an above-par score on this wicket. Before the match, they would've taken 160, although Marcus Stoinis powered them to 177 runs. Mumbai need to sort out their bowling at the death overs. It hasn't been consistent for them over the course of this season, and once again it has put a huge dent on their momentum at the fag end of the season.
Lucknow needed a good start with the ball, but it did not go as per plan. The hosts were put on the back foot instantly, with the Mumbai openers scoring for fun on this sluggish wicket. That's when Ravi Bishnoi worked his magic and sent both the openers back into the hut. This was the turning point of this match, as, after this, the Lucknow bowlers executed their plans to perfection. Yash Thakur picked up a brace as well and then it was Mohsin Khan who stole the limelight with his exceptional effort in the final over.
Mumbai were off to a flying start with the bat in hand. Rohit Sharma and Ishan Kishan were scoring runs for fun on this slow track. These two certainly set a solid platform, although the middle order could not come out all guns blazing and struggled in the second half of their chase. Mumbai were cruising at 103/2 at 11.1 and it looked like they had the game in the bag, but the Mumbai batting performance was a bit lacklustre in the final 9 overs. Tim David tried his best to get them over the line, but could not get the job done for his side.
A brilliant win for Lucknow and all the home fans have a new star to praise, oh yes, it is Mohsin Khan. The pace bowler defended 10 runs successfully in the final over to hand his side two crucial points at the business end of the tournament. Mumbai were the favourite with the way they started this chase, although the visitors lost their mojo once the opening pair was taken apart.
In over# 20
Mohsin Khan 26/1(3)
Mohsin Khan has done it for Lucknow! Slower and fuller outside off, Tim David has a heave across the line without much timing. Gets it from the inner half of the bat to deep square leg and attempts for the second run. Pooran hits the stumps at the batter's end but the replays show that Tim David was just in. Lucknow win by 5 runs!
That should do it for Lucknow! Mohsin holds his line and length and bowls it full and outside off, Cameron Green can only knock this one down to long off for a single. The bowler has his arms up in celebration. One more legal ball to deliver and Lucknow will grab crucial two points.
Executes the yorker to perfection and goes outside off, Cameron Green looks to squeeze this one out on the off side but misses.
Goes full and going away, outside off, Tim David opens himself up and carves it to deep cover for a single. Lucknow wouldn't mind these singles. Mumbai need 9 runs from 3 balls.
Keeps it on a shortish length, angling across, outside off, Cameron Green muscles this one to deep mid-wicket and brings Tim David back on strike with a single.
Starts well does Mohsin Khan! Bowls it on a hard length, on middle, Cameron Green gets cramped for room as he goes for the pull. Mistimes his shot back to the bowler.
Mumbai need 11 runs off the final over. It will be Mohsin Khan who get the ball in hand now. He has gone for 21 runs in his two overs. Will he be able to defend 10 runs this time around?
In over# 19
Naveen-ul-Haq 37/0(4)
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