Match 45, Lucknow, May 03, 2023, 03:30 PM

Shikhar Dhawan vs Piyush Chawla in IPL: Innings - 13 Runs - 97 Dismissals - 2 Average - 48.5 Strike rate - 156.4
Chennai opted to bowl first on a deck that was under covers and seemed to have something in it for the pacers early on. The pacers started off decently but it was the introduction of Moeen Ali in the 4th over that proved to be the catalyst for Chennai as they went on to send back half of the opposition batters for under 50 runs. However, they couldn't break the stand between Pooran and Badoni for quite some time and that allowed Lucknow to put a decent score on the board. It is a shame the game could not continue as we were well on course to have yet another low-scoring thriller in Lucknow. However, there is no shortage of action as Mumbai have won the toss against Punjab at Mohali and opted to bowl first. Do switch tabs and catch our coverage. From here, goodbye and cheers!
We had just 19.2 overs played in this game and Lucknow looked down and out at 44/5 but Ayush Badoni played a fabulous knock to not only take his side over the 100-run mark but also post a competitive total on this wicket. Lucknow didn't have the best start but they played out the first three overs well. After that though the Chennai spinners came on and Lucknow lost wickets in a heap. It was then a gritty stand between Nicholas Pooran and Ayush Badoni that got them back in the game and it was the latter who was striking the ball beautifully. Lucknow lost a couple of more wickets in the death overs but Badoni managed to notch up 20 runs off the 19th over before rain played spoilsport in the final over.
UPDATE - 7.03 pm IST (1.33 pm GMT) - The game has been called off as the two captains shake hands and MS Dhoni waves goodbye to the massive crowd that has come to see him play. With the game abandoned both teams will share the points and they may both be happy with that based on where they are placed on the table.
UPDATE - 6.48 pm IST (1.18 pm GMT) - Right then, the cut-off time for a 5-over game is 7.28 pm IST (1.58 pm GMT). Let's hope that we manage to get some play in. But there is also another game that is about to begin in some time - Punjab vs Mumbai in Mohali and the toss for that game isn't far away. You can simply switch tabs and catch our coverage of that game while we continue to wait for the rain to stop here. Do come back for further updates.
UPDATE - 6.30 pm IST (1 pm GMT) - Well, the news from the ground is that it is still raining and quite steadily as well. We will certainly have a shortened game now but it remains to be seen when or if the rain goes away. Let's cross our fingers and stay hopeful of seeing some action in this game. Stick around for more updates.
UPDATE - 5.58 pm IST (12.28 pm GMT) - There is some good news from the ground. The rain has stopped and the covers are slowly coming off. The umpires are out in the middle, having a discussion and we shall have official word soon. And, the covers are being brought back on as the rain is back! Not the best of sights for the players or the fans. Stay tuned for more updates.
UPDATE - 5.43 pm IST (12.13 pm GMT) - The rain seems to have gotten a bit heavier and this might be a prolonged delay. With just 4 balls left in the Lucknow innings, we will most likely see Chennai come out to bat if and when the rain stops. Hopefully, the weather gets better soon and we can get a good game in. Stick around for more updates.
UPDATE - 5.19 pm IST (11.49 am GMT) - Oh, no! The rain has come and the covers are starting to come on too. It was starting to get heavier by the minute and unfortunately, we will have a bit of a delay here. Stay tuned for further updates.
In over# 20
Matheesha Pathirana 22/2(3.2)
OUT! CAUGHT! Matheesha Pathirana has his second scalp and Krishnappa Gowtham's short inning comes to an end! Matheesha Pathirana bowls a slower delivery on a length and outside the off stump. Krishnappa Gowtham looks to go hard at the ball but ends up lofting it high towards the deep mid-wicket region. Ajinkya Rahane covers good ground and takes a wonderful catch to send Krishnappa Gowtham packing. Lucknow lose their seventh wicket but will be slightly more confident courtesy of Ayush Badoni. Chennai will want to end strong and take the momentum into the next inning.
Matheesha Pathirana bowls this on a length and outside the off stump. Krishnappa Gowtham is late into the shot as the ball goes through to the keeper. MS Dhoni and the bowler appeal but the umpire remains unmoved. He eventually walks to the leg umpire and the go upstairs to check for a fair catch. The catch seems clean but the bat is far from the ball as confirmed by UltraEdge.
Is that a fair catch? MS Dhoni isn't quite sure and the umpires have gone upstairs to check. The UltraEdge is checked first and there is no spike on it. No bat involved and hence, it will be NOT OUT on the big screen.
In over# 19
Deepak Chahar 41/0(4)
SIX! Ayush Badoni has turned the tide of this game with this extraordinary inning! Deepak Chahar goes full this time and outside the off stump. Ayush Badoni lofts this over deep cover and gets six more runs.
This is short once again and outside off. Ayush Badoni slaps this towards wide long on and they take two runs with ease.
Continues to bowl short and outside the off stump. Ayush Badoni mistimes his pull back to the left of the bowler.
SIX! That is FIFTY for Ayush Badoni and what a massive inning it is from the young lad in the context of the game! Deepak Chahar bowls this short and outside the off stump. Ayush Badoni gets hold of this one and thumps it over deep mid-wicket for six runs.
FOUR! A bit of luck going Lucknow's way and they will take it gladly! Ayush Badoni bowls this short and outside the off stump. Ayush Badoni looks to pull and gets a top edge over the keeper's head for four runs.
Deepak Chahar bowls this short and outside the off stump. Ayush Badoni hits this uppishly back past the bowler and they take a couple of runs.
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